Acceptable Use Policy


Merchant hereby agrees not to use the Digital Payment System to collect any amount related to commercial activities dealing with any of the products/services described below.
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  1. Shares, equity rights, bonds, or any other marketable titles commercialized in Stock Markets, any banking or financial service as money lending, deeds of ownerships, timeshares, investments or offshore bank account services.
  2. Payday Loans and Pawn Shops.
  3. Marriage and adoption agencies, other than the official governmental agencies.
  4. Financial pyramid schemes, Ponzi or any other multilevel marketing scheme.
  5. Banking products, insurance policies, purchase and payment of credit or debit cards, active or not and any related services.
  7. Purchase or exchange of coins or banknotes, along with any other instrument with pecuniary value.
  8. Travel cheques.
  9. Foreign currency.
  10. Debt cancelation services, credit recovery, credit transactions or insurance activities.
  11. Bitcoins, processing or exchange.
  12. Personal Information related services as databases and e-mail lists.
  13. Personal documents.
  14. Unauthorized or forged copies violating copyright, patents or any product/services that infringes third parties’ intellectual or material property.
  15. Education related services as diplomas, certifications and academic works.
  16. Prostitution, pornography related services, cybersex or explicit graphic material except for adult comics or games and sex shops.
  17. Child pornography, pedophilia, nudity of minors, as well as any corelated item that in any way involve the illegal or participation of minors.
  18. Products that promote or incite discrimination, delinquency or violence of any nature.
  19. Organs, tissues and parts of the human body.
  20. Historic, artistic or cultural patrimony, including antiques, fossils and minerals.
  21. Products destined to open locks or to perform any type of break-in, illegal hacking and cracking or any device with the purpose of introduce virus, or hacking sites or electronics devices.
  22. Antennas, decoders, or any other device with the intent to illegally decode the signal, cable tv, antenna or satellite, or Mobile Phone Unlock Services.
  23. Motor vehicles with documentary restrictions.
  24. Fireworks or any other explosive material that contains gunpowder or similar.
  25. Steroids, narcotics, anabolic, toxic, hallucinogenic, or other controlled or prohibited substances and/or products that pose a risk to consumer safety.
  26. Pesticides and insecticides with controlled sale.
  27. Food products that do not have the corresponding sanitary registrations.
  28. Medicines, which demand doctor’s prescription or not, utensils with the purpose of making, manipulating or consuming medicines, including any hospital equipment.
  29. Animals along with their organs and skin except for cats, dogs, swine, sheep, fish, horses, non-wild birds, rabbits, goats or rodents.
  30. Endangered plants or animals, or whose sale would be prohibited by law.
  31. Sales for items or services that are identified by governmental agencies with a high probability of being fraudulent.
  33. Firearms or any type of flammable product that is prohibited by applicable regulations, knives, ammunitions or any kind of weapons.
  34. Money laundry, terrorism financing, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, bribing or corruption.
  35. Except upon express authorization:
    1. jewelry;
    2. precious metals;
    3. charity or non-profit organization’s donations.
  36. Any other commercial activities, products or services prohibited by the law under any applicable legislation or under embargo.