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Local payment methods are fundamental for foreign companies to succeed in Latin America. With PagSeguro's Payment Processing solution, you can offer over 140 local payment methods in 17 Latam countries + 4 in Europe.


Payments Illustration

Offer over 140 local payment methods with PagSeguro

Increase your conversion and retention numbers in the region by offering the payments experience your customers expect.

Understanding payments in Latam

Domestic-only credit cards

They represent 30% of e-commerce in the region, and it’s the type of credit card most Latin Americans have access to. Foreign companies that only accept internationally enabled credit cards are not making the most of the region’s potential, which can only be reached with domestic-only credit cards and other local payment methods.


PagSeguro is a local card acquirer in Brazil and connects with local acquirers in other countries to ensure local processing and allow you to offer local credit cards in your online store.


Instant payments

Led by Brazil’s Pix, instant payment methods are reaching more and more Latin American countries, cementing the digital evolution in the region with methods such as Peru’s Yape and Colombia's PSE.


As e-commerce also grows, instant payments become the preference for more and more consumers, seeking a fully quick, easy, and reliable shopping and payment experience. Each country has its own instant methods, so accepting local payments is key here.

Cash vouchers

Even with the fast rise of digital payments making cash-based payments lose share over time, Latam still has many unbanked citizens, and many others that still prefer more traditional payment methods. That’s why cash vouchers are still highly relevant for companies to offer.


Cash vouchers represent 10% of e-commerce payments in Latam. They are issued online and then paid, by scanning a barcode, at the consumer’s banking app or at a physical store or agency.



On average, up to 50% of e-commerce payments paid by with credit cards are made with installments, depending on the segment, vertical, and purchase size.


The practice is very common for Latin Americans, which use it to fit higher-ticket purchases on their, oftentimes very limited, budget. Consumers are used to choosing this option for purchases as low as US$30, so it’s a must in your e-commerce.

Digital wallets

Slowly rising in Latin America, digital wallets increase banking access and become an option for all consumers, from the technically-savvy to those that don’t have access to credit cards.


Some wallets are international, others are local, and preferences vary in each country.

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