Launched by Brazil’s Central Bank in November 2020, Pix quickly changed the way Brazilians shop and pay online. Leading the payment innovation movement in Latin America, Pix became a fundamental part of Brazil’s payment landscape in less than two years.


Brazil's favorite

Having already surpassed $124 billion in total transactions, Pix can represent up to 50% of the revenue for select merchants.
In e-commerce overall, 15% comes from Pix. Accept the fastest-rising payment method in Brazil with PagSeguro.

Truly instant

Pix payments are cleared within seconds, and the money will be available right away

Quick and easy

The customer just has to read a QR Code to finish paying at their preferred financial app, at any day and any time

Reliable security

Pix keys are individual and fully secured by Brazil’s Central Bank

Brazil’s favorite

Accept the payment method used by ~130 million Brazilians, and responsible for 15% of the total e-commerce volume in 2021 - expected to reach 31% by 2025

Massive numbers

Pix moved US$ 80,9 billion in online sales in 2023

Truly Available

Pix is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays

Pix’s rise

It’s expected for Pix to reach US$ 163 billion in 2026

Financial Institutions

Over 811 financial institutions are authorized to offer Pix in Brazil

What are the advantages for the merchants?

Mobile growth in Brazil

Mobile shopping in Brazil plays a role in the entry of new consumers and in the increase of purchases among already traditional e-commerce consumers.

Access to more shoppers

For merchants looking to attract new unbanked shoppers, Pix is a good opportunity because it is not necessary to have a bank account to use it: the only thing that is mandatory is that their fintech or digital wallet of choice are integrated to Pix.

Faster delivery of products or services

Due to receiving payments in a faster way, it is possible to deliver the product or service to the customer even more quickly. That can have a positive impact on the merchant’s stock management and/or on customer satisfaction with the brand.

Cheaper for both the sender and the recipient

Since the number of intermediaries on the payment arrangement is reduced with Pix, the transaction is cheaper for the merchant and free for its customers.

Greater checkout conversion

By offering customers yet another payment method during the checkout process greatly increases your chance of them not following through with their purchase.


Offer Brazilians’ favorite payment method 


How does Pix work?

Free of charge

For individual users, Pix transactions are completely free.

QR Code

In this case, the individual or company will complete or receive the payment by scanning a QR code created by the receiver.

All types of transactions

Any transaction can be done with Pix, independently of its characteristics. It has no minimal or maximal value and always generates a digital receipt for both the sender and the receiver.

Strong payment method

Having overcome cards, bank transfers and boletos, Pix is a strong competitor to debit cards and e-wallets.

Pix Keys

To make a money transfer or payment, it is only necessary to inform the individual or legal entities’ Pix key, which is a token used to identify their account and can be a phone number, CPF, random number or even an email.

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